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Nancy and the political

Forthcoming book on Jean-Luc Nancy and the political, edited by Sanja Dejanovic

I wrote one chapter in this book

Open letter: Human Dignity is at stake

Refugees and the EU: Human dignity is at stake An open letter to EU citizens and politicians
Between May 22 and 25, 2014, EU citizens will elect new members to the European Parliament. We are researchers who have come together through an EU-funded COST Action project on ethical issues in disasters. We work in the fields of disaster medicine and ethics. As EU citizens, we believe that the EU response to the global refugee crisis violates human dignity. We urge our fellow EU voters to ensure that the candidates they support have shown clearly their adherence to the visionary and humane principles upon which the European Union was founded.
The number of refugees and internally displaced people in the world is at crisis point. The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) states that 23,000 people were forced to leave their homes every day in 2012.  Over 45 million forcibly displaced people search for safety. The numbers for 2013 are not available yet, but trends showed the situation deteriorating, with Sy…

Upcoming Event: TedX lecture Haarlem

TedX Lecture HaarlemA fish called… Ignaas Preventive research and total body scans: this is the new national obsession. Are we healthy? Many people feel unhealthy until proven otherwise. The Belgian philosopher Ignaas Devisch (1970) is alarmed by this development. He has decisive views about how we should structure health care! He asks questions such as “where does health end and are we simply dealing with the personal will for a better life?” With a massive focus on perfect health, it seems we need more and more reassurance to dare to feel healthy. In fact, we are so obsessed with our health that we are making ourselves sick. He will talk about his last book called 'Sick of Health' in which he confronts us with the idea why so many people worry about their health while they are healthy. Ignaas is professor in Ethics, Philosophy and Medical Philosophy. He holds positions at Ghent University and University College Arteveldehogeschool, Belgium and was research fellow for five ye…

Interview over antidepressiva, artikel gemaakt door Barbara De Busschere, De Morgen, 10/05/14

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New publication

Stijn Vanheule and I wrote a new paper on DSM 5 and mental suffering in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice.

Click here for the abstract